Why Confident Childbirth

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta
is your #1 resource for natural birth.

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta has been serving the Atlanta birth community with high-quality natural childbirth classes since 2009. In 2012, we expanded our company geographic reach and class offerings under the new company name, Kopa Birth®. Read about some of the reasons why you should consider choosing Confident Childbirth of Atlanta for your natural birth preparation.

  • Each course presents a well-balanced blend of childbirth’s most recognized theories, enabling you and your partner to learn from the best aspects of each method.

    • Breathing techniques similar to Lamaze®
    • Partner/Coach involvement similar to the Bradley Method®
    • Deep relaxation similar to Hypno-style classes

  • Courses offer a wide variety of tools for Natural Childbirth that have a record of proven success, including over:

    • 4 Relaxation techniques, including guided imagery scripts
    • 5 Breathing techniques with unlimited variations
    • 18 Positions of comfort for normal labor
    • 11 Positions of comfort for backache in labor
    • 3 Pressure techniques to alleviate back pain
    • 8 Positions of comfort for pushing
    • 5 Comfort measures with variations

  • The Kopa Birth® curriculum and educators encourage confidence, flexibility, and realistic expectations.

    • The #1 goal for each couple is always “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom”
    • Kopa Birth® classes are “pro” natural birth, yet not “anti” intervention when such intervention is necessary to promote the “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom” outcome
    • In addition to tools to manage contractions without intervention, Kopa Birth® courses will educate you and your partner on the pros and cons of standard hospital procedure (e.g. IV access, fetal monitoring) as well as circumstances where there may be valid medical indications for interventions (e.g. epidurals, inductions, cesarean birth

  • Created by a Registered Nurse and CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, and presented by Nationally Certified Educators.

    • Accurate medical information
    • Current and up-to-date researchInformation appropriate for couples planning on birthing in a hospital, birth center, or home setting
    • Curriculum reviewed and approved by licensed healthcare providers