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“Just wanted to pass along some wonderful news…The waiting has officially ended. Arriving a week past his due date [our baby]was born…Our amazing doula took photos – when I don’t know because she was helping [my husband] and I through a totally natural (no drugs at all 🙂 childbirth. I can’t say enough good things about your class. We used the relaxation CDs starting on Thursday night around 11 p.m. which got us through most of my labor and the breathing techniques really worked. [My husband] was an absolute rock throughout and kept reminding me to be a wet noodle and when I was in transition, the slow dance got me through. We were able to labor at home until 10 a.m. Friday morning and when we arrived at the hospital I was at 8 cm 🙂 I feel so fortunate to have had the experience of having a totally natural birth – it was all that I had hoped for and all that I wanted for our sweet little boy.”

Jane and Ryan

“Just wanted to let you know that Ryan and I welcomed our son into the world [last week]. He was 8lbs, 8 oz and 21 inches long. We had an amazing drug-free waterbirth at AMC with Anjli Aurora (Intown Midwifery). Ryan was a wonderful coach and we used lots of things from your class. My water broke at 5:30am, so we spent the day distracting ourselves with shopping, a movie, and dinner before being admitted to the hospital around 6:30pm. He was born at 1:37am, so the timing was great. We used the different positions learned in your class, and although he emerged anterior, I had back labor the whole time, so they were very useful! We were able to get through using slow-paced breathing and never had to escalate beyond that. And Ryan did a great job of bringing me back to the confident cycle the few times I veered off course. It was very helpful for both of us to know the stages of labor and what to expect during each of them – when I thought I was going to die during the ring of fire, I remembered that it meant I was so close to being finished – that helped me get through! Ryan said taking the class was the best thing he could have done to prepare for labor. So thanks so much – we were able to make it through naturally with the help of your class!”


“Just wanted to update you on the birth of out daughter. We attended your one day class and then delivered [her two weeks later]. Labor progressed quickly, but I honestly believe that I would not have successfully carried out my wishes for a drug free delivery without your help. I felt confident entering labor, and I was focused on staying relaxed and out of the pain/tension cycle. My recovery was better, and the experience was undoubtedly more enjoyable than my first (with pitocin augmentation and then an epidural). Thank you so much, and I wish you continued success.”

Jenny Paul, MD

Jenny, quoted above, is a pediatrication and later wrote, “I was impressed by the practical approach you took, and really appreciated how delicately you spoke about the fact that some practitioners may advocate for medications when they may not be necessary–but still were clear that sometimes (in 2010) we should take advantage of medical advancements that have been made since the time ladies had babies in the fields.”


“My water broke on Tuesday morning, but NOTHING happened. We were checked into the hospital and put on a pitocin drip. Then, the doctor did another exam and my contractions came on hard and fast. The birth ball was my tool for quite a while. Coming into transition, I experienced some back labor which was alleviated by [my husband’s] counter pressure. I pushed for 40 minutes and VOILA!, we had our baby. [My husband] and I both felt very prepared throughout the delivery and are grateful for the education provided by Katie.”


“[We] attended you class and had a wonderful time. Things did not go exactly according to plan, the doctors induced, and eventually we ended up having an epidural. Most important to me was giving [my wife] the sense that this was not a failure, it was a different path to the same goal , and that is something you reinforced in your class.”


“Our baby boy is here and we are thrilled. Our birth experience was amazing. While we didn’t get to have our waterbirth (because of meconium in my water), we had a very successful natural and intervention-free birth. You would have been super proud of [my husband]–he was an incredible coach. Thanks again for all of your help. Your class was invaluable and prepared us so well for birth. I will be sure to recommend it any chance I get!”


“[My husband] really gained a lot of confidence, and was able to let go of his fear of the unknown after taking your class. He has even been more caring and considerate of me in pregnancy (backrubs!) afterwards, so thank you for that.”


“I have already told my midwife (intown midwifery) about the great experience in the class. I had a wonderful, all natural birth, spending the last 3 hours in the tub. My son (over 9lbs) was born in the water. I will be sure to pass your contact info to any pregnant friends as well!”


“I delivered a beautiful baby boy! Although I did end up having an epidural, I went into the entire experience a lot more relaxed, confident, and informed because of your class. Thanks so much!”