Private Childbirth Classes

Course Content:

The content of this private class can be catered to your individual educational needs. In 1, 7-hour session or 2, 3-hour sessions, you and your instructor will have adequate time to cover :

  • The stages of labor and common maternal responses to these stages
  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques (abdominal and patterned breathing)
  • Positions of comfort
  • Non-medicinal options for pain management
  • Possible interventions including medication for pain management,
    induction, forceps, and cesarean birth

In 1, 3-hour session you and your instructor will have adequate time to cover the basics of:

  • The stages of labor and common maternal responses to these stages
  • Deep relaxation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Positions of comfort for labor
  • Location

    Your home.

  • Cost

    1, 7-hour session: $330+
    2, 3-hour sessions: $330+
    1, 3.5-hour session: $225+
    (Price may vary per instructor. View your local instructor’s course schedule for specific prices.)

  • Schedule

    Available on an ongoing basis according to your schedule. View your local instructor’s course schedule to register. *Browser will open in new window*

How to Register

All Kopa Birth® classes are taught by trained, Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructors. They teach using the Kopa Birth® curriculum and resources.

To register, you will be directed to the website of your local Kopa Birth® Independent Instructor. Here you will view pricing, schedules, and register for your course. Most instructors require a course deposit.


1. Online Supplementary Material

  • When you register for a Confident Childbirth of Atlanta private class, you are automatically enrolled to access select Kopa Birth® downloads and videos to supplement the instruction you will receive in your group class.
  • You will also receive offers to purchase discounted access to the online Kopa® Prenatal Bundle (including valuable resources such as the Partner Labor Guides, Meal Plans, & the Prenatal Fitness Program) that are exclusively available to those registered for a Kopa Birth® course.

2. Mediations & Imagery for Labor® Audio Downloads

Download 6 calming, birth-focused guided imagery meditations to help reinforce your class instruction on deep relaxation

3. Printed, 100+ page course manual

You will receive a printed, 100+ page course manual

Why do we offer the course for couples?

They don’t call it labor for nothing!  Having a baby can be hard work, and it helps to have an extra set of hands. Whether or not you plan on bringing a doula to your birth, a partner is vital in helping you practice and implement the skills you will learn in the course.Your partner can be your husband, a family member, or a friend.  Many women prefer their husband as a partner, and find that sharing the birth experience strengthens their relationship.  Whoever you choose, it is best if the partner is consistent and plans to accompany you during labor.

We understand that work schedules and childcare conflicts might make it difficult for a partner to attend class with you.  Don’t let this barrier keep you from attending–it’s OK to come alone.  However, we recommend that you share your study material with your chosen birth partner on your own.