The mission of Confident Childbirth of Atlanta, a division of Kopa Birth®, is to provide you with the education to build a sound birth philosophy of your own, based on fact, and then to help you achieve that birth. Simply put, your birth philosophy is our birth philosophy. We believe that for most woman and under most circumstances, natural childbirth is the safest way to have a baby. With this in mind, we are committed to providing couples with the tools they need to achieve a natural birth, if that is what they desire, including the knowledge to make informed decisions about their birth.*

Our curriculum rests upon the following beliefs:

1. A woman in labor is in a state of wellness. Contractions are a healthy sign that your baby will soon be born.

2. Your body knows how to birth your baby. When the time is right, your body WILL accomplish this goal.

3. The responsibility of a woman in labor is to relax her muscles so that they can more effectively accomplish the task of moving the baby out of the uterus and down the birth canal.

4. A woman can maintain this state of relaxation during labor by implementing previously learned and practiced coping skills.

*CAPPA Philosophy and Position on Childbirth