Confident Childbirth of Atlanta vs Lamaze®, Bradley®, Hypno

For couples who have been debating between Lamaze®, Bradley®, and Hypno-style courses, Confident Childbirth of Atlanta offers the perfect solution. Using the Kopa Birth® curriculum, our comprehensive childbirth classes prepare you for natural childbirth by combining:

  • Patterned breathing techniques similar to Lamaze®
  • Husband/Coach involvement similar to The Bradley Method®
  • Relaxation techniques similar to HypnoBirthing®

Find more detailed information about Kopa Birth® labor coping tools.

What is Your Coping Style?

Every woman copes with labor in her own unique way. Some gravitate towards an internal focus with deep relaxation and visualization. Others have more success with external coping skills like focal points, breathing techniques, and plentiful hands-on interaction. many women find success wiht a combination of both internal and external coping tools. The challenge is that most women do not know their preferred coping style until labor is underway.
Confident Childbirth of Atlanta/Kopa Birth® is unique in that our courses expose couples to a wide variety of both internal AND external coping skills. This enables a woman to discover and improve upon her personal coping style, preparing couples with a variety of tools and the power to be flexible during labor.