Confident ChildbirthSM of Atlanta natural childbirth birth stories from Intown Midwifery / Atlanta Medical Center

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta loves the team of dedicated midwives at Intown Midwifery–Margaret Strickhouser, CNM and Anjli Aurora Hinman, CNM!  As a CCMethod educator, I can also speak from personal experience, having delivered baby #4 last year with the ladies at Intown.  As we anticipate the opening of the Atlanta Birth Center, we wanted to share with you two fabulous birth stories that were posted on the Atlanta Birth Center blog.  These posts were contributed by women who participated in Confident Childbirth Method classes in preparation for their natural births.  Enjoy!

My Birth Story:  Stephanie’s Unmedicated, Midwife-Attended Hospital Birth

My Birth Story:  Jane’s Natural Water Birth