4-Week Complete Birth Preparation Course

The 4-week Complete program is ideal for the first-time mom, or for any expectant mother and coach new to the arena of natural childbirth.  The length of the course allows for more extensive practice of breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as a mock-labor scenario.  At a maximum of 7 couples, the class size is small and allows for ample one-on-one attention.  Due to the length of the course, it is ideal for women to start with at least 8 weeks left until their due date.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 4-WEEK COURSE

Saturday Intensive Birth Preparation Class

The Saturday Intensive Class is designed for women and coaches who have already experienced childbirth and are seeking a thorough review.  It is also appropriate for first-time moms who are unable to attend the longer 4-Week Course.  In this case, we recommend supplementing the class with some suggested reading and after-class practice.  This class is particularly helpful for those who have other children at home, for whom finding childcare for the 4-week course poses a challenge.  The curriculum is similar to the 4-week Complete Program without the mock- labor scenario and with less focus on patterned breathing techniques.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SATURDAY INTENSIVE CLASS

Private Childbirth Classes

Private, in-home classes are available in three basic packages and can be arranged to suit your schedule and educational needs.  LEARN MORE ABOUT PRIVATE CLASSES


The KOPA PREPARED® Essentials Online Childbirth Courses offerss access to over 12 hours of video-based learning and practice to help you prepare for a natural birth. The course content is the equivalent of the group 4-Week Course. LEARN MORE ABOUT ONLINE CLASSES