Relaxation and Guided Imagery

Learn how relaxation and guided imagery can be valuable tools to help you stay relaxed during labor as you participate in Confident Childbirth of Atlanta natural birth classes.

Positions of Comfort for Labor

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta: Positions of Comfort for Labor

Movement and positioning during labor encourages both comfort and labor progress.  In your Confident Childbirth<sup>SM</sup> of Atlanta class, you will learn a wide variety of positions of comfort for labor and the pushing phase.

Breathing Techniques

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta: Patterned Breathing

Confident Childbirth<sup>SM</sup> of Atlanta classes for natural birth offer couples skills to use basic abdominal breathing as well as patterned breathing during labor.

Preparation for Partners

A calm natural birth is so much easier to achieve when the laboring woman is supported by a well-prepared partner.  Confident Childbirth Method<sup>SM</sup> of Atlanta childbirth classes will not only prepare Mom to cope with … Read More