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Our comprehensive childbirth classes will help prepare you for NATURAL BIRTH.  Click to view birth class schedules, locations, and fees for childbirth classes in Atlanta, GA.

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Learn more about the Confident Childbirth Method℠ of preparation for NATURAL BIRTH and how the CCMethod differs from other birth classes. Calm. Prepared. Relaxed. Confident.

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Become a Childbirth Educator of the Confident Childbirth Method

Learn more about the benefits and requirements to teach childbirth classes as an instructor with the Confident Childbirth℠ , offering classes for natural birth.

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Welcome to Confident ChildbirthSM of Atlanta, where we believe that giving birth should be a positive experience for every woman. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Our comprehensive childbirth classes help you take control of your upcoming birth by learning the skills necessary to achieve your goals.

An expectant mother can develop confidence in her ability to successfully achieve a natural birth. This is accomplished when she knows what to expect in labor, as she consciously relaxes through her contractions, and as she implements focused coping skills. Additionally, partners can be prepared to support and encourage the laboring mother, actively participating in the birth process.

We hope you’ll choose the Confident Childbirth MethodSM as you prepare for your own journey towards a ConfidentSM birth. All childbirth classes are taught in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

“I can not say enough super things about your class!!!   It helped us reach our goal of an unmedicated childbirth!  I never got a chance to let you know how well my delivery went and to also thank you for doing a wonderful job teaching us.  I could not have done it with out your class!  At 9PM my stomach was churning and I was having what I believed were stomach cramps.  At 9:45PM I started timing the “cramps” […]

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Confident Childbirth of Atlanta client who experienced natural birth at Northside Hospital

“Matt and I welcomed our daughter Lowery Lee to the world on January 5th at 8:25pm at Northside Hospital (she was 2 days early).  She is a lot bigger now, but she weighed 7lbs. and 1 oz. at birth and was 20 inches long.  I’ve attached some photos. We are so glad we took the Confident Childbirth Class with all of you.  It gave us the tools we needed to have our baby naturally.  Here’s our story… We had a […]

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Confident Childbirth of Atlanta loves the team of dedicated midwives at Intown Midwifery–Margaret Strickhouser, CNM and Anjli Aurora Hinman, CNM!  As a CCMethod educator, I can also speak from personal experience, having delivered baby #4 last year with the ladies at Intown.  As we anticipate the opening of the Atlanta Birth Center, we wanted to share with you two fabulous birth stories that were posted on the Atlanta Birth Center blog.  These posts were contributed by women who participated in […]

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